Reviews of Sybil’s Garage and Steam-Powered, Lesbian Steampunk Stories.

Sybil’s Garage was reviewed by Tangent Online and mentioned in Locus Magazine.

Rich Horton of Locus says, “The always interesting ‘zine Sybil’s Garage is back with a thicker than usual issue (partly because of a format change).  As ever, it provides a stimulating mix of SF, fantasy, poetry, and slipstream.  This time around my favorite is “The Poincare Sutra” by Anil Menon, a perkily told but rather dark story of a 16-year-old Coptic girl in Israel, who falls in love with a Jewish boy while her father’s past pushes him in a different direction.”

And Jo-Anne Odell of Tangent Online says, “There are some excellent stories contained in this volume.”

And on a personal note, Friends of Wild Iris reviews Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories. Though they don’t mention my story in particular, they say, “Before I started reading, I’d heard of only a handful of the authors – mainly through knowing people who read their blogs. After reading this anthology, I think I’m going to track down as much of their work as possible and read it. And how much more of a recommendation can I give?

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  1. I haven’t read *Steam-Powered* yet – but Delia Sherman has, and she’s been telling everyone your story is amazing! Mazel tov – and where the hell did she put it….?

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