Queen of Static

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Queen of Static

by Matthew Kressel

Book Two of the Worldmender Trilogy

Cover Art by Leon Tukker.

* Coming March 2022 to most major online booksellers!

ISBN: 978-0-9796246-3-6

Praise for King of Shards

“A surreal and exotic adventure in a unique mythological setting. Scary, exhilarating fun!” – N.K. Jemisin, multiple Hugo Award-winning author of The Broken Earth trilogy

“A fantastic twist on Jewish mythology…a radical reinvention of Jewish faith and folklore, not to mention the portal fantasy…” One city’s rubble is the next city’s foundation,” Kressel writes. Not only does that simple, profound idea underpin King of Shards’ plot, it’s the method to the book’s majestic, resonant, reality-twisting madness.” — NPR Books

“Kressel draws heavily on Hebrew legend and biblical lore to build a robustly imagined fantasy world…Kressel advances his plot briskly through a series of alliances, betrayals, separations, and reunions, and the veiled motives of several of his characters keep his story pleasingly unpredictable. His skill at extrapolating traditional religious lore into the stuff of fantasy bodes well for future books in the series.” — Publishers Weekly

“With surprising twists and a deep and detailed universe, King of Shards, the first in a trilogy, is likely to be remembered for more than its Jewish roots.” – Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

About Queen of Static

Queen Mashit has usurped the throne of Sheol from Ashmedai, who now swings in a cage above a river of fire. Mashit wants to bring life to Sheol and the myriad Shards—shattered universes where demons dwell in abject misery. Mashit has captured a quartet of Lamed Vav—special humans with the power to sustain universes—and tries to force them to her will. Meanwhile, she sends her daughter, Daphna, to Earth, hoping to establish rule over humanity there. But Daphna, long estranged from her mother, is not keen on her mother’s schemes. And neither is the imprisoned Ashmedai. While Ashmedai and Daphna hatch plans of their own, Daniel Fisher, once a Lamed Vavnik himself but now beset by a dark and all-consuming curse, travels to the far corners of Earth seeking a doorway to Sheol, determined to save humanity no matter the cost.

Queen of Static continues the Worldmender Trilogy, a series that The Huffington Post has referred to as a “unique fantasy cosmos” and that NPR has said is a “feast for hardcore fantasy fans.”