Sybil’s Garage Status Update & Question

I’m trying to get Sybil’s Garage completed in time for Readercon, just about seventeen days from now.  So far I’ve laid out the text and included minimal artwork and call-outs.  I still have the marginalia to add, as well the cover to design.  The latter of which I expect to take a few days by itself because the cover has to be spectacular.  I don’t think a cover makes a book but it can certainly break one.  All of this is a lot of work for sure, but it’s also a lot of fun.  But, time is ticking!

I’ve decided for this issue to go with a 6×9 inch trim size, which means it will look more like a trade paperback than a ‘zine.  And this change makes me wonder if the issue will be considered an anthology or a magazine?  A magazine comes out regularly, usually has advertisements, and is often printed on thin/cheap paper.  An anthology comes out less often (but still can be serial), has few or no advertisements, and is printed on quality, acid-free paper. (There are other differences to be sure, but these are the major ones.)

So what is Sybil’s?  We  come out semi-regularly, have advertisements, and have always printed on quality 60-lb paper.  However, this time I’ll also be using an ISBN bar code instead of an ISSN (magazine/serial) one.  And of course the trim-size change.  This will facilitate getting Sybil’s onto and into the Ingram book distribution database.

So what is Sybil’s Garage?  A magazine, or an anthology?  Does it matter?  For awards, I think it does, but should I even be thinking of that?