Best Horror of The Year Vol. 2 – Honorable Mentions April 12, 2010 – Posted in: Altered Fluid, Sybil's Garage

Ellen Datlow has posted her list of honorable mentions (page 1, page 2) for Best Horror of the Year, Volume 2.  Included among the many names are Altered Fluid’s own Alaya Dawn Johnson for her story “Far and Deep,” (Interzone #221) as well as yours truly for my stories “Saving Diego” (Interzone #221) and “The Spaces Between Things.” (Electric Velocipede 17/18)

In addition, three stories from Sybil’s Garage No. 6 received honorable mentions:

Toiya Kristen Finley’s  “Eating Ritual,” James B. Pepe’s  “I Am Enkidu, His Wild Brother,” and Genevieve Valentine’s “The Drink of Fine Gentlemen Everywhere.”

Congrats to all!