Tangent Online Review February 17, 2010 – Posted in: Aberrant Normalcy, Altered Fluid

Tangent Online finally reviewed Electric Velocipede 17/18, of which my story, “The Spaces Between Things,” appears.  They say:

““The Spaces Between Things” by Matthew Kressel is a touching near future story about a war between East and West in which the East has somehow acquired the ability to send messages through time which appear as metaphors in the protagonist’s present. A series of flashbacks intersperse with the protagonist’s present dilemma, revealing his personal story of love, coming of age, and the invisible connections between people. He reflects on these bits of his past while deliberating whether to counter the successful enemy attack by launching a nuclear strike. This story is excellent if a little slow at times.”

That last sentence pretty much sums me up perfectly, excellent, but a little slow at times.

Also in that issue (and review) is Mercurio D. Rivera’s funny and well-reviewed story, “Dear Annabehls.”

The full review is available here.

The full text of my story can be read here.