Like TV Tuned to a Dead Channel

That’s what the sky’s like today: gray, like TV tuned to a dead channel.  I was up early today in the pre-dawn light, and now it’s coming on 10 a.m. and doesn’t feel any lighter.  Rain then, I suspect, and lots of it.  Well, these types of days are conducive to work anyway.

Last week I worked on a non-fiction piece and showed it to Mercurio, who said that if I try to sell it as fiction, people will say it’s unbelievable.  But it works as a memoir.  The story is entirely true.  I sent it off to a well-known publication this morning, so with any luck you may be able to read it online or in print soon.

Also having fun reading Sybil’s slush.  Lots of good stuff there, people.  You are going to make my job harder.  It used to be I could reject stories out of hand.  Now, the editors are forwarding a whole lot of good stuff to me.  It amounts to a lot more reading.  But it’s also a lot more enjoyable.  Here’s the stats to date:

We have received 127 stories, 22 poems
We have rejected 37 stories, 7 poems
Average response time: 3 days for stories, 5 days for poems

I suspect our response time will go down a bit as the period progresses, but I think this isn’t bad for a week’s worth of subs.

Anyway, back to work.