Here are some things I am grateful for:

Having a wonderful girlfriend.  My family.  My late grandparents and relatives.  My friends.  My cat.  Having a couch.  Living in a great neighborhood.  Living near a supermarket, subway, and coffee shop.  Having mad h4ck0r skilz.  The writing community.  My writers group.  KGB.  My iPhone.  My cousin.  My plant collection.  The fact that my neck hasn’t been acting up lately.  This cup of sencha green tea I am slurping.  Agave nectar.  Barack Obama.  Having all my teeth.  Not needing glasses yet.  My college education.  Public libraries.  Bookstores.  Drake’s apple pies.  Grandma pizza slices.  Fall.  Buddhism.  Music.  Oh, how I am grateful for music.  The smell of lilac.  The smell of mulching leaves.  The smell of old books.  The smell of a slept-in comfy pillow.  Soy milk.  Nag Champa incense.  Alan Moore.  Johannes Gutenberg.  Stephen Hawking.  Robert Lanza.  Cat brushes.  Petting cats.  Purring.  Dreams.  Weird and bizarre dreams that inspire.  Heavy Metal magazine.  Thumb drives.  Thumbs.  Electrons.  Electromagnetism.  Stars.  The night sky.  Telescopes.  Telescoping antennas.  Regular garbage pickup.  My view of the Empire State building from my kitchen.  The fact that, after two years of insanity, I finally have neighbors who aren’t loud.  Gravity.  Hand sanitizer.  Thrift stores.  Beer.  Kielbasa.  Beer.  Retractable roofs.  Beer.  Brita water filters.  USB.  The vitamin industry.  Remote controls.  Windows (the glass kind).  Life.  Living in such an amazing universe.