Still Concerned? Well, Yes, Now I Am, Thank You

Crack Cocaine?
Crack Cocaine?

Last night while watching TV I saw yet another advertisement for those 5-Hour Energy Drinks.  At first they had touted them as all natural, an alternative to coffee.  But we had caught on to them.  The 5-hour energy drinks contain caffeine, and weren’t the all-natural, healthy product they were purported to be.

So they came up with a new commercial.  This one listed the ingredients.  “5-Hour Energy has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but it comes without the crash!”  Whoopee!

We are then shown a heart-monitor-like line rising and falling (but not crashing!) wave like.  (What exactly is this measuring?).  And then the announcer states — very quickly, mind you — “Still concerned?”

Concerned?  About what?  Ok, now I am.

What exactly does this product contain (or are people assuming it contains) that I need to be concerned about?  What type of consumer feedback has forced you to address the concerns that random people watching late-night television have about your product?

Seriously, if commercial is telling me I needn’t be concerned about a product, I think I need to be concerned.