More on Books at KGB

No one jumped at the chance to volunteer for Mobile Libris and so we have to seek out other options if we want to continue to have authors’ books sold at Fantastic Fiction at KGB.  Colleen Lindsay had an excellent idea in a comment on Ellen Datlow’s blog that we should reach out to local booksellers.  Brilliant.  Why didn’t I think of that?

This morning I contacted Shakespeare & Co., St, Marks Bookshop, McNally Jackson, and Barnes and Noble at Union Square.  I’m hoping to find a bookstore that is in walking distance from the KGB bar so that guests can amble over there before a reading and, also, to minimize the travel for any employee who might have to schlep a stack of books back and forth.  If you know of any bookstore(s) in the area that might be interested in such an arrangement, or if you work for one, please let me know.