Locus reviews Sybil’s Garage

Mercurio D. Rivera informs me that Sybil’s Garage No. 6 is reviewed in this month’s Locus by Rich Horton:

‘Another grouping of SF/fantasy little magazines could perhaps be described as the Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet circle. One fine fairly new example is Sybil’s Garage. Its sixth outing has plenty of fine stories and poems. I liked Simon Petrie’s “Downdraft,” set on a planet with intelligent zeppelins and flying human-like people. The story is about a young flyer’s ill-advised attacks on one of the zeppelins — a story really about misunderstanding, with no bad guys. That’s straightforward SF, but Sybil’s Garage has more atmospheric fantasy and, yes, slipstream work — stories like Becca de la Rosa’s “Not the West Wind,” about, variously, and among other things, a woman in love with a guitar, the west wind, Ireland, and a foundling girl; or Sean Markey’s “Waiting for the Green Woman,” about a man with a tree for a daughter.’

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