My ReaderCon Schedule

At ReaderCon, I’ll be hosting a Kaffeeklatsch at 10 AM on Saturday for Sybil’s Garage, and then I’ll be participating in a panel about the future of spec fic magazines on Sunday at 11 am.  Here’s my official schedule:

Saturday 10:00 AM, Vineyard: Kaffeeklatsch [Sybil’s Garage]

Sunday 11:00 AM, ME/ CT: Panel

The Future of Speculative Fiction Magazines, Part 2: Online Magazines / Conclusions. K. Tempest Bradford, Neil Clarke, Robert Killheffer, Mary Robinette Kowal (L), Matthew Kressel, Sean Wallace

“Are print magazines doomed? (Heck, if _newspapers_ can’t make it …) Or will they survive in their tiny niches? Are there ways to make them more viable? Is that even worth the bother? After all, online magazines are now easy and relatively inexpensive to start-are they the answer? Part two of our discussion concentrates on online magazines and then moves onto the Big Picture.”

I’m looking forward to seeing friends and meeting new folks there.