The Hatter Bones Anthology

Hatter BonesI recently received my contributor copy of the Hatter Bones anthology, edited by Paul Jessup.  Chock full of creepy, cutting edge fiction, I devoured the book in two days.

Paul Jessup asked, in his guidelines, for “contemporary, strange, broken things” and “stories made from bird bones, broken bits, cobbled together out of things spoken in the rain.”  What resulted from that prompt was my short story, “The Girl in the Basement,” told in brief vignettes about a girl who spends her life locked in a basement by her parents.  It is one of my favorites, and I’m glad it has seen print in such a fine publication.

And what a great Table of Contents to be on too!  I’m alongside such talents as Matt Cheney, Darin C. Bradley, Ekaterina Sedia, Cat Rambo, Jason Sizemore, Lavie Tidhar, Forrest Aguirre, Becca De La Rosa, and lots more.  Many of the stories are dark, unforgettable things that punch you in the gut without remorse.  Some are science fiction, some are horror, some are fantasy, and many are in that interstitial place where a lot of excellent new fiction is taking place.

And I’d be remiss to not mention the artwork.  Artist Jesse Lindsay does a fabulous job illustrating each story.  (Click on Hatter Bones and then “The Girl in the Basement” to see the artwork for my story).

So check out Hatter Bones from ENE press and let me know what you think!