Another Sybil’s Garage Review

Another Sybil’s Garage review was posted yesterday by Mike Allen, editor of Clockwork Phoenix and Mythic Delirium. Among other things, he had to say this:

“I want to correct an injustice. My favorite story in the issue by far was Barbara Krasnoff‘s ‘All His Worldly Goods,’ a brilliant short-short piece with a tranquil surface spread just a hair’s-depth over razor-sharp satire.”

He also had this to say:

“The other major highlight was a surprise, something you don’t see often in a ‘genre mag’ — and proof that [editor] Matt is up to something different — Mercurio D. Rivera’s ‘The Best-Dressed Man on the Court,’ a moving real life memoir about paddleball, eccentric acquaintances, the transient nature of friendship and the way a tragedy can unite strangers who otherwise have nothing in common. It’s an excellent piece of writing.”

You can read the full review here.