Free Stuff April 25, 2008 – Posted in: Sybil's Garage

Sybil's Garage No.5 To celebrate the recent release of Sybil’s Garage No. 5, we’ve published Alex Dally MacFarlane’s story online, “Tattoos of the Sky, Tattoos of the Days.”

“The night is a blackbird and it lives on Gemma’s arm. When it is still, its tail feathers brush her elbow and its beak sits below the curve of her shoulder, pointing behind her. When it moves, which is most of the time, it can be anywhere within the confines of her left arm.”

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And we have also published an interview with Lauren McLaughlin, author of the upcoming YA novel, Cycler, conducted by Devin Poore.

“DP:Cycler deals with opposing ideas in that way, does it not, regarding gender?

LM: Cycler has strong ideas of gender; how it can be a prison where we are all forced by society to choose sides. In context of the fully developed antagonist, I had to have a character that sees gender as only black and white, male and female, right and wrong. I came to really love the character even though I despise what she stands for because by putting my beliefs up against hers the entire argument of gender in the book was better developed. I was then able to explore gender, how it could be both male and female and neither male or female, and figure out a way to exist in a black and white, opposing, world”

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