I am now officially Red

KGB Bar InteriorIf you haven’t heard, I’ve taken over Gavin Grant’s role as co-host of the monthly KGB reading series. I’m excited to take the reins, and I want to thank Gavin for the great job he’s done these past six years. Here’s the official press release:

New co-host of Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series

Ellen Datlow is proud to announce that she has a new co-host, writer/editor Matthew Kressel, for the KGB Fantastic Fiction Reading Series.

Kressel, publisher of Senses Five Press and Sybil’s Garage, is taking over for Gavin J. Grant as co-host of the monthly reading series at the famed KGB Bar in New York City.

Terry Bisson and Alice K. Turner started the reading series in the late 1990s, attempting to bring together mainstream writers with writers of speculative fiction in order to show, in Alice Turner’s words, “that at a certain level they were plowing exactly the same field.” In the spring of 2000 Ellen Datlow took over for Alice K. Turner and in August 2002 Gavin J. Grant, publisher of Small Beer Press, stepped in for Bisson when he moved to California.

For six years Gavin has co-hosted the series with Ellen. We wish to thank him for the bang up job he’s done, for the dedication he has shown to the authors and their work.

The KGB Fantastic Fiction readings—in addition to showcasing many of the major voices of the field—regularly bring together the members of New York City science fiction, fantasy, and horror communities where writers, editors, and readers can mingle and promote excellent fiction.

The readings (which are always free) are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave, upstairs).

Upcoming readers include P. D. Cacek, Jack Ketchum, James Patrick Kelly, Cassandra Claire, Christopher Barzak, Jeff Somers, Stefan Merrill Block, JoSelle Vanderhooft, and John Kessel.

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8 Replies to “I am now officially Red”

  1. Congratulations, Matt ! Very cool. Terry Bisson, Gavin Grant, and now Matt Kressel, not bad, 😉 . See you at the readings !

  2. John: I’m not going to change all that much. If it ain’t broke… If anything, my circle of friends and acquaintances will temper the reader selection somewhat. But it’s a pretty strong reading series to begin with. For the interim, we’ll just be doing more of the same. Only with cookies.

    Daniel: thanks! Yeah, it’s good company. I feel honored to take the role. I hope I can fill even half of Gavin’s shoes.

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