Snatch Me Another

Mercurio D. Rivera snatches himself another story publication this month with “Snatch Me Another”, the lead story in the current issue of Abyss & Apex (Issue 25: 1st Quarter 2008). This is a great little tale, so please check it out!
Congratulations, Mercurio!

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  1. A rave by Sam Tomaino at SFRevu, who says “Snatch Me Another” will be on his Hugo list for 2008:

    “Snatch Me Another” by Mercuio D. Rivera is an amazing story. In about 4000 words, he introduces us to a brand new idea and manages to write a great story about it. Kristina and Lindy live in a world in which an invention called the Snatcher allows people to snatch a copy of anything they want from some alternate dimension. Need some paper plates for a birthday party? Put in a sample and snatch a dozen from a dozen other worlds. Want a near-to-original of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night? It’s in the system and can be had easily. Need a replacement for your dead son? Pop a lock of his hair into the Snatcher! This one came up on me unawares. It will be on my Hugo list for next year.

    Check out his review of the entire issue at:

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