It’s War

The mosquitoes attacked again last night. I’ve discovered that if I smear body lotion over my skin, they bite less. The only problem is that I tumble and sweat in my sleep. After an hour or so, most of the protective scent has dribbled onto my sheets, and I start to get bitten again.

I remembered someone saying that mosquitoes are attracted to CO2, not body heat. So I lit a candle, hoping that the little devils would fly into the flame. I also opened the vent on my AC, because my room in the evenings is one big CO2 farm: you have me exhaling, and you also have several plants which are known to sigh CO2 at night. I’m pretty sure the mosquitoes are being spawned inside the AC, where the moisture is high.

Ah! One just flew past my screen! I tried to smush him, but he sped away, the bastard!

Yesterday I had a cup of green tea around 5pm, which kept me from going to bed at a reasonable hour. Add to that small schmeckle schmuckhead next door who likes to play his bass-throbbing music much too early in the AM. Then you have the sanding, sawing, and drilling of metal, as laborers repair the fire escape yet again. I woke up to see my replanted morning glories were re-murdered.

Through all of this, I am trying to remain positive. For example, I haven’t yet caught West Nile.