Sybil’s Garage Queue Update

Le pile du slushSorry I’ve been remiss about posting updates regarding the Sybil’s Garage slush queue. We’ve accepted 6 stories so far out of 225 submissions, and 4 poems out of about 60.

We have been receiving a lot of flash-length fiction and stories that are under 3000 words. I’d like to round out this issue with approximately three or four more stories of 3000 words or greater (up to, loosely, 5000 words). We get a lot of “mood pieces,” which are exciting, but I’d like the remaining selections to have complete plot arcs (beginnings, middles, and ends). We prefer stories that focus on character but not to the expense of wonder. We also like stories that don’t ignore language, that is, we find that the prose style of the story to be just as interesting as the plot. Ultimately, however, it is the story that wins us over.

Please keep them coming. And thank you to all submitters.