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I know many of you use frequently to search for markets. I do. He also has listed Sybil’s Garage for absolutely no charge, and he’s always prompt with updates. Not to mention he maintains that entire listing, with some three hundred or so markets, himself. He’s asking for donations and I think we all should support him as best we can. To donate, click on the “Donate” link here.

Message from Ralan:


UPDATE – 6 August 2007:

Fundraising is going well. Many people, including several “first-timers” jumped the gun and made donations in July, which was fine by me. Of course, more donations are most welcome — and needed.

I haven’t found anyone to handle U.S. checks yet. If you are honest/reliable and want to help (in lieu of a donation perhaps?) please let me know.


I’m relying on donations this year. Many of you, both authors and editors, have made donations to in the past, and for that I’m extremely grateful. I hope you will continue to support the cause. But the vast majority who use the web site have never donated. There are now 11,000 unique visitors to every month, and each one visits an average of 2½ times per month (about 28,000 total visits). There are 1951 people subscribed to this newsletter. And yet, only about 100 have ever entered the contests or made a donation.

If you use, you have probably benefited by it. Maybe you made a sale, or won a contest you would not have known about without visiting, or found a useful writing-related link or two. Or maybe you haven’t yet had your break, but is helping you towards it in a way that no other web site does — with the most up-to-date information on speculative and humorous fiction available anywhere — information you can get nowhere else. Or perhaps your publication is enjoying a sharp rise in the number and quality of submissions and new visitors are swelling your stats.

Whatever. I urge all of you — loyal supporters and those who want to be — to make a donation this month, if you haven’t already done so this year. depends on your help!

Thanks in advance,