4 Replies to “A Riddle”

  1. That’s odd. I heard a riddle with the same ending, but the beginning was “why did the writer criticize the Harry Potter book?”

  2. Question away, just be aware that in feeling such resentment against a fad or pop culture phenomenon you are just as influenced as those who buy into it.

  3. I’m very happy that people are rushing out to the store to buy a book. God bless Ms. Rowling for that. Perhaps because I have not been swept up into the whole Harry Potter craze, I can witness the phenomenon from an objective vantage point. I’ve just read a study that people rate and choose things based 50% on quality and 50% based on what other people think of it. I have not read the books, so I don’t know their quality; many people rave about them. I was not a fan of the movies, though I haven’t seen the latest. But I wonder how much of the craze is because, well, other people are crazed too. How much of the desire for the book is social phenomenon and how much is a genuine desire for quality literature? I realize that by raising this argument I am going to hear from offended HP fans, but my beliefs tend toward the former. Then again, I’ve never read the books, so my argument is mere speculation, and also, I find myself happy when people go out of their way to read. But you have my feelings on the issue in a nutshell.

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