Magna Cum Lager

Devin with a beer?To celebrate his graduation from college Devin Poore threw a party last night.  It took him 16 years (he joined the Navy out of high school, and went to school part time after he got out).  He also recently quit his job.  We now expect, since he has zero distractions, a story a week from him.

Here are some pictures of the festivities.

3 Replies to “Magna Cum Lager”

  1. I knew I should have confiscated all cameras at the door. Of course you cropped the best half (my better half) out of that shot.

    It was good to see everyone last night. Kristen and I had a great time. We figure if I go for my Masters we’ll have that grad party sometime around 2013.

  2. I’ve noticed that Devin has been getting smarter and smarter over the years; this explains it. I was glad to partake in the graduation celebration — but darn that camera of yours, Kressel! (Though I did like that pic of me and Kris).

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