Electric car So last night I watched Who Killed the Electric Car. I screamed at the screen, “The Oil Companies did it!” (It was no mystery.) But Martin Sheen dragged out the suspense over 90 minutes. In kudos to these filmmakers, I found myself getting teary when one woman lamented the loss and destruction of her favorite electric vehicle, EV-1.”I’m getting upset over a f’n car!” I exclaimed to my cat.

But, really, watching GM & Toyota and other companies summarily pulling all electric vehicles off the road and destroying them was hard to watch. Their goal? To remove from consumer consciousness the possibility that we can drive without gasoline.

The one thing that stuck in my memory from the film: according to a study there is an estimated 1 trillion barrels of oil still left in the Earth. At $100 per barrel, there is still $100 trillion in profit to be made. There are many powerful influences on this planet who will damn sure do everything they can to earn that profit, even if it means war, the death of thousands, or the slow destruction of this planet.

Do yourself a favor and watch this film. Then, instead of buying that giant SUV because it’s “safer,” consider a hybrid or other fuel efficient vehicle. Can you imagine a day in a metro city without car exhaust? Where the only smells are the restaurants, or the sea, or the humid air? It’s possible, but only if we demand it.

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  1. If you watch it as a double feature with An Inconvenient Truth (both made my Top 12 movie list), it’s guaranteed to outrage.

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