Sybil’s Garage Submission Update

The Slush PigThe Queue:
Just a brief update this morning on the Sybil’s Garage reading queue. So far we have received 31 stories. We have sent rejection letters to 15 people and are still reading the rest. I’ve also received about 5 poems. (Please email poems to us. Do not use the web form for poems.)

Web Form:
One user reported having problems with the web form. If you experience problems, it is okay to email us your story, but please mention the issue you were having in your cover letter.

On Guidelines:
I can only reiterate that if you don’t read and follow the guidelines, a two minute read, why should we read your story, which takes us much longer?

On Quality:
Generally, the subs have been well written. But we’re a selective bunch, and so we’re of course still reading. We have a few we’re looking at already, however.

On Response Times:
Averaging about 2 days now, which is pretty good.  Though, more likely I foresee it averaging out to a week as we send some more letters out.

Thanks for all the subs and keep submitting!