I had no idea

Sigue Sigue SputnikHere’s a pretty cool but freaky optical illusion. (Thanks to BoingBoing for the link). I often wonder what would make a scientist want to study such a thing, “when categorization flexibly modifies the perception of faces in rapid visual presentations.” I suppose it’s a form of cognitive science and/or two geeks saying, “wouldn’t this be cool?”

Here’s a bunch of really cool (faux) pictures of people’s dreamhouses for a contest. This one is one of my favs.

I had no idea that the Shenzhou 6 craft that flew two chinese astronauts recently released a small habitation module that will be orbiting Earth for six months. Are those Chinese up to something? Their first module of a small space station perhaps? (whispering: good for them. Us Americans can’t even get into orbit lately.)

Slashdot reports that the Patriot ACT has been abused hundreds of times by law enforcement. The method is simple: a) scare the people, b) convince the people they need to give the government more power to protect them, and c) abuse the power given. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Just when you thought ultraviolence was situated comfortably with your droogs in the Korova Milk Bar and resonating nicely inside Sigue Sigue Sputnik songs, think again. Sin City, the wonderfully visual but disturbingly violent film will have a sequel and a forthcoming television show. Just what I want my kid watching: leather clad hookers with guns and the men that abuse them.

Sputnik said it best: “Today’s weather: Many expected highs, a few lows, and mostly crowdy.”