Reproductive Organs

Hibiscus FlowerI’ve found that nature is most creative in its reproductive organs. I have this little tropical plant on my computer, an epiphyte, and though I’ve forgotten its name, for the past few weeks I’ve been admiring the little tubular purple flowers that have grown from the twisting green stems. Inside the tubes themselves though are still smaller and brighter tubes, and at the end of those, rye seed-shaped blobs full of yellow pollen extend out to the air. All this just to reproduce. Flowers are the most amazing things. Take a good, hard look at an hibiscus flower and you might be hard pressed to believe in a universe as HP Lovecraft so eloquently put it, “that grinds from nothing to something and something back to nothing again, neither heeding nor knowing the wishes or existence of the minds that flicker for a second now and then in the darkness.” Lovecraft’s words are dark and lonely, but if you look at these flowers — I mean really look at them, then you will know that Lovecraft was truly writing fiction. I mean, flowers could reproduce without all this fanfare, yet they hover instead at the precipice of nature’s creativity. And it’s not just flowers. Take fruits for example. My mulberry tree in my back yard throws red and blue berries all summer long. And there are pears and mangoes and bananas. All part of the reproductive process. Then we have animals, each with complicated courting rituals of their own, various sexual organs. I just read yesterday that Orcas and their newborn baby whales don’t sleep for several months after birth. Something, to me, in the inherent nature of the universe is trying to reproduce incessantly, and this force, be it god-like or wave-like, focuses its energy on this process of reproduction most of all, resulting in the creative explosion we know as life. No wonder the porn industry does so well.

Meteor on MarsI just read yesterday too that a few months ago they observed the first meteor on another world. While that may not sound impressive to some, I think it’s pretty damn cool that we have these little rovers climbing around Mars watching the sky as well as the ground.

Finally, on a more personal note, I have a story up at Abyss & Apex. Give it a read if you so desire.