Waiting for the Tea to Kick In

Yes, still drowsy this morning even as I drink my steeping strong tea. We heard Jeffrey Ford read his “Boatman’s Holiday” last night, which is included in the recently released anthology The Book of Voices. What a f@#$%n cool story. Jeff weaved the various mythologies of hell into one creepy yet satisfying story of his own. You’re certainly going to want to read this one. We also said goodbye to Kris before she leaves for Clarion West, but not before she asked me to go up to random people and ask, “Are you Eugene?” She finally met up with him, a fellow Clarion classmate who (obviously) she had never met in person before. There she exchanged her magical inflatable pillow that somehow reminded me of those toy sponges that you “just add water.” But no such water was added. I also sold a copy of Sybil’s Garage and gave a copy to Gordon Van Gelder for his perusal. Also thanked Kelly Link & Gavin Grant for selling SG at their table at WisCon. Kelly said “Sure. It’s beautiful.” I didn’t know this, but she reserved some stickers I had made for WisCon and plans to mail them out with the next Lady Churchill’s. How cool.

There is a project I’ve been semi-following for the past few years. Some of you may have heard about it. It’s called The 12 Hour Project. The idea is that for every 12 hours since December 30, 1994, a new image is posted to the internet. The images are gray, they are often blurry and obscure, but sometimes amazingly and stunningly striking.

Finally, our writers’ group is looking for new members. Do you live in the New York area? Do you write speculative fiction? Are you looking for a group who’s serious about writing to share your stories with? Do you have $50,000 and a winter house in Miami? (No, forget the last part there). If you’re interested (and I know you are), email me at the link way at the top of the page and we’ll talk.

L8r d00ds