Welcome to the world. June 12, 2005 – Posted in: Aberrant Normalcy

Welcome! This is my first blog post for Senses Five Press. All things speculative fiction and otherwise may end up here, but one can never be sure how something evolves. Take Sybil’s Garage for example. It started merely as an idea between two people walking home from a class one night and has evolved into a magazine beyond our greatest expectations. Here’s what’s going on with issue two:

Lauren McLaughlin read her wonderful New York City vs. The World with help from James Thomas at WisCon 29 to high acclaim. Issue Two, which includes Lauren’s story, sold well at the Small Beer Press table. They seemed to like it, and are taking some to ReaderCon 16 this July. Five of my friends and I plan to follow (though not necessarily just for the magazine!). DreamHaven Books purchased some copies of Sybil’s Garage to sell at their store in Minneapolis. SG is also being sold in Hoboken, NJ at Symposia Bookstore (where it has sold out two times already) . I’m told it’s possibly being sold in London as well (more to come on that).

Finally, some more good news: The Hudson Current has offered to interview me about the magazine. Good things are happening with SG.

On a personal note, my story “The Thing in the Refrigerator That Could Stop Time” is currently online over at Apex Digest. Hope you like it.