Sybil’s Garage No. 2

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There is a saying in the Talmud that beside every blade of grass is an angel who whispers, “Grow, grow.” Well, those angels must have been screaming at us.

Stanislaw Ulam once said, “Madness is the ability to make fine distinctions on different kinds of nonsense.” Have we gone mad? Have angels been shouting in our ears? We shall see.  We shall see.

Sybil’s Garage delves unabashedly into those strange, surreal, and aberrant places that fall between the cracks of standard genre fiction. You may not find what you expect nor expect what you find inside this beautifully detailed and densly packed issue. With well established authors like Bruce Boston and Bruce Holland Rogers, and promising newcomers like Mercurio D. Rivera and Lauren McLaughlin, Sybil’s Garage No. 2 is sure to delight.


Greg Beatty – “A Contestation of Greasepaint and Glory”
Bruce Boston – “The Best of the Evening”
Kris Dikeman – “Cabinet number 67”
C.A. Gardner – “Tattooed Ladies”
Samantha Henderson – “Debbie and the Deep Blue Sea”
Lauren McLaughlin – “NYC vs. The World”
Mercurio D. Rivera – “Bargonns can Swizzle”
Bruce Holland Rogers – “Star”
Marge Simon – “Like Birds in the Rain”


Matthew Kressel – “In the Cracks and Crevices”
Devin J. Poore – “A Relic of the Past Looks to the Future”
William Shunn – “The Missionary Imposition”


David Crane – “Freefall”
Stephanie Nolasco – “Conversations”


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