Sybil’s Garage Status Update & Question

I’m trying to get Sybil’s Garage completed in time for Readercon, just about seventeen days from now.  So far I’ve laid out the text and included minimal artwork and call-outs.  I still have the marginalia to add, as well the cover to design.  The latter of which I expect to take a few days by itself because the cover has to be spectacular.  I don’t think a cover makes a book but it can certainly break one.  All of this is a lot of work for sure, but it’s also a lot of fun.  But, time is ticking!

I’ve decided for this issue to go with a 6×9 inch trim size, which means it will look more like a trade paperback than a ‘zine.  And this change makes me wonder if the issue will be considered an anthology or a magazine?  A magazine comes out regularly, usually has advertisements, and is often printed on thin/cheap paper.  An anthology comes out less often (but still can be serial), has few or no advertisements, and is printed on quality, acid-free paper. (There are other differences to be sure, but these are the major ones.)

So what is Sybil’s?  We  come out semi-regularly, have advertisements, and have always printed on quality 60-lb paper.  However, this time I’ll also be using an ISBN bar code instead of an ISSN (magazine/serial) one.  And of course the trim-size change.  This will facilitate getting Sybil’s onto and into the Ingram book distribution database.

So what is Sybil’s Garage?  A magazine, or an anthology?  Does it matter?  For awards, I think it does, but should I even be thinking of that?

Advertising in Sybil’s Garage

If you or anyone you know would like to advertise in Sybil’s Garage, you can download our Sybil’s Garage No. 7 – Rate Card.

Sybil’s Garage has a loyal fan-base of several hundred regular readers from all over the world, and each issue is hand-delivered or mailed to many important industry professionals.  Your ad will be seen by a large fraction of the speculative-fiction community.  Issue number seven in particular will be available to more markets than ever before, including, listing in the Ingram book distribution database which sells to retail book chains and libraries, as well as an e-book for the Amazon Kindle, iPad, and any e-reader which supports the ePub format.  You will also have the pleasure of supporting a quality small-press publication from Senses Five Press, publisher of the World Fantasy Award-winning anthology Paper Cities.

I will need the ads within the next two weeks if you’d like them to appear in the issue.

Sybil’s Garage No. 7 Update

I have finally finished reading slush for Sybil’s Garage No. 7.  We have 28 short stories under consideration and I expect to take just over half of those for the issue.  Many thanks to my hard-working slush readers Rajan Khanna, Greer Woodward, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Devin Poore, Mercurio Rivera and Paul Berger for helping me read the 540 submissions that came in this period.  Expect to hear a little bit about each of them and their experiences working for Sybil’s in the next few weeks.  Also, I hope to have a gender breakdown of the submission pile for you soon as well.

I plan to make final decisions on stories this week, with a few acceptances going out as early as tomorrow.  I’m always amazed at the jump in quality of submissions with each issue.  There are truly some wonderful stories in the slush that I look forward to publishing soon.  I’m hoping for a release date before Readercon.  Stay tuned.

In other publishing news, Paper Cities is in progress to be listed in Apple’s iBookstore, so all you iPad and iPhone (and iPod Touch too!) users can have your own copy.  I’ll let y’all know when it’s live.  Until then, happy reading.

Sybil’s Garage Update

Here are the Sybil’s Garage submission stats to date.

We have received 540 stories, 98 poems
We have rejected 485 stories, 66 poems
Average response time: 18 days for stories, 28 days for poems

I have 31 stories left to read and 24 poems left to read.  I have 24 stories and one poem under consideration.  I’m a little behind on my May 1 deadline to finish reading all stories, but I hope to have everything read by the end of this week.  Please query if you have any questions.