Sybil’s Garage and Paper Cities Update

Lots of things have been happening here at Senses Five Press, and I though I’d write a short blog post to keep you up to date. Firstly, Sybil’s Garage is nearing completion. I’ve finished the layout and have sent proofs to the authors. Tomorrow will be the end of the first round of proofing, then I’ll send out one last round of proofs before going to the printer. Since I have all the contracts signed I can now list the table of contents:

Elizabeth Barrette – “With Every Fine and Subtle Sense Perceive”
Amal El-Mohtar – “Orpheus”
Miranda Gaw – “Last Supper”
Aaron Leis – “Glass”
Pam McNew – “No Word for Goodbye”
Adrienne J. Odasso – “River Girl”
David M. Rheingold – “Macduff’s Lament”
Eilyahoo Talgam – “Look Away”

Samantha Henderson – “The Ballad of Delphinium Blue”
Vylar Kaftan – “The Girl Next Door”
Barbara Krasnoff – “All His Worldly Goods”
Caspian Gray – “Waiting for Spring”
Jason Erik Lundberg – “Wombat Fishbone”
Alex Dally MacFarlane – “Tattoos of the Sky, Tattoos of the Days”
Gary Moshimer – “Salesman”
Hazel Marcus Ong – “Roses”
Daniel A. Rabuzzi – “Last and First”
Veronica Schanoes – “Lost in the Supermarket”

Dinner with Lauren McLaughlin, an Interview by Devin Poore
The Best-Dressed Man on the Court, a memoir by Mercurio D. Rivera

Also, I’m working on the cover with the fine editors of Sybil’s Garage. It has to be spectacular, so it’s been a lot of back and forth with them, getting ideas and suggestions.

As for Paper Cities, it’s at the printers right now. We were very excited to read Jeff VanderMeer’s positive review in Publishers Weekly, and I just found out that Library Journal will also be writing a review. Lots of other cool things in the works which I can’t speak about publicly yet, but can only intimate, wink, and nudge (say no more…)

So I hope this whets your appetite for what’s to come.

Paper Cities Reading at WFC

Paper Cities Reading at the 2007 World Fantasy Convention

At long last, the reading from Paper Cities has arrived. Many thanks to Eugene Myers, who stood for an hour sans tripod to film this video. It’s one hour and three minutes long, and the readers are (in order of appearance): Cat Rambo, Cat Sparks, Mark Teppo, Ben Peek (with guest reader Chris Billett), Hal Duncan, Catherynne Valente, and Kaaron Warren. The sound levels are low, but you can hear the readers clearly if you turn the volume up.