ReaderCon, KGB Raffle, and Good Dreams

ReaderCon was amazing as usual. When I feel slightly less exhausted, I’ll do a full post with pictures and stories.

Don’t forget that there’s only one week left for the KGB Raffle. Paul Berger, who is currently attending Clarion San Diego emailed me and said: “I asked Neil about the keyboard he’s donating.  He says it’s a pre-Windows IBM from either ’93 or ’96. I asked what he had used it for and he thought about it for a bit and said, ‘Sandman, probably.'”   So, yeah, I wish I could bid on things.

Anyway, last night I had the first full eight hours of sleep in about five days.  I had one dream which was as sweet as honey, but could not remember what had happened upon awakening.  I spent the rest of the morning trying to remember to no avail.  Where are those dream recorders we were promised?

KGB Raffle Begins Today

The KGB Fantastic Fiction Raffle begins today and runs through July 28th.  We’ve added lots of new prizes since last time including:

  • Signed limited-edition hardcover of Thomas Monteleone’s MAFIA
  • Short story critique by Delia Sherman
  • First edition of Ellen Kushner’s SWORDSPOINT
  • Andy Duncan Tuckerization
  • A Vacuum Tube Cyberpunk Necklace
  • and more

There’s a total of 54 items so far (new ones have been coming in daily).  A complete list of items is available here.  Complete rules are available here.