I crashed a party last night and so woke up very late this morning to a message in my inbox stating that Interzone wants to publish my story, “Saving Diego,” about two drug-addicted friends on a distant, technologically backwards planet, in an upcoming issue.  I am so thrilled!

I have been reading Interzone for a few years now.  I have read some amazing stories and have seen some of my very talented friends get published in its pages, so it’s quite an honor to be there myself.

Mercurio, Haldeman, and Orson Scott Card

Interzone 219
The Fix has some nice things to say about Mercurio D. Rivera’s “The Fifth Zhi,” his story in the current Interzone.  Among other praises, they say:

“This theme is familiar, from Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War to Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game and countless others. “The Fifth Zhi”’s use of clones is an excellent, highly appropriate riff on the theme.”

You can read the full review here.

Congratulations on the nice review, Mercurio!