In the Zone

InterzoneMercurio D. Rivera writes to tell me that his story, “The Scent of their Arrival,” has just been accepted by Interzone. How cool that the Wikipedia page for Interzone has a picture of issue #204, which contains another story by Mercurio, his “Longing for Langalana” ?

Congratulations to him x2.

And speaking of Wikipedia, I’ve just updated the Sybil’s Garage Wikipedia page with some trivia about the magazine. Bet you didn’t know all those facts.

Finally, I thought I’d leave you with a very cool and weird video I found on the net by a band called Miho Hatori.

Seven Things by Kris Dikeman

Seven things you should know about the person who lives below you…
a new chapbook, written & illustrated by Kris Dikeman.

Padding your floors with marshmallow Fluff, buying you slippers, giving your dog a pedicure, even summoning abhorrent creatures from beyond space and time, what will your neighbor do to get some much needed rest?

“She is curious to know what you are building with a table saw, a drill, and a nail gun*…

*…sounds like, anyway.”

A wonderful little illustrated chapbook, by Kris Dikeman. Free with any purchase of Sybil’s Garage in print form, while supplies last.

Glorifying Terrorism Cover

Glorifying TerrorismIn a response to a law passed in England which makes it illegal to publish literature which glorifies terrorism (even fictionally), Farah Mendlesohn decided to create an anthology of works which did just that. Why? Quite simply for freedom of speech. I’ll just say that censorship in any form, I believe, is a dangerous thing, most especially in the arts because art is often where progressive ideas are born, and where is society without progression?

James Trimarco, of our writers group, Altered Fluid, sent me this cover image recently. I quite like it. The anthology is due out in January, and James will have a story in it.

James Trimarco Hat Trick

Rage MagazineJames Trimarco, of Altered Fluid, writes to tell us he’s left his mark three times (He’s really earned his last name). He’s sold his SF murder mystery “The Low Down Job” to a print-on-demand zine called Rage Machine, and his satirical piece about the advertising industry, “Shoot for the Backbrain,” to Revolution SF. Last but not least, he just got word from Stephen Eley at Escape Pod that they’re buying a reprint of one of his weirder stories, “How Lonesome a Life Without Nerve Gas,” which will appear somewhere between now and March.

Congratulations James!

New Story in Print

Andromeda Spaceways #26I’m happy to announce that I have a new story in print. “Marie and the Mathematicians” appears in the current issue (#26) of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

I’m fairly certain that the cover illustration (seen at left) was taken directly from my story, which is a pretty darn cool thing of them to do. I’m even first in the table of contents. All in all, I’m pretty psyched about my first story in print and my first publication in a short while. You can get yourself a copy here.