Strange Stories

Greer Woodward writes that her story, “Bottles of Lloyd,” will be in the anthology STRANGE STORIES OF SAND AND SEA. The editor is Esther Schrader, who also did Twisted Cat Tales.

Congratulations Greer!

Also, Eugene Myers writes to tell me that he’s sold his flash story, “The Pie Hole”, to From the Asylum.  And he’s also sold his story, “In the Closet,” to Loving the Undead: An Anthology of Romance. Sort of., edited by Katherine Sanger.

Congrats Eugene!

The Ladies of Altered Fluid

Exciting news from two fronts.  Lauren McLaughlin tells us that her young adult novel, Cycler, will be published by Random House along with a sequel, as yet unwritten.  We all wish her a hearty congratulations.

Also, and I realize this may be very late for some but almost entirely due to the fact that I received the issue today, Alaya Dawn Johnson‘s story, “Among Their Bright Eyes,” is in Fantasy,  issue five. Congrats Alaya!


Escape PodJames Trimarco’s “How Lonesome a Life Without Nerve Gas” is up on Escape Pod. Cory Doctorow liked it so much he Boing Boinged it.

Cory says:

“The latest installment of the great sf story podcast Escape Pod is ‘How Lonesome a Life Without Nerve Gas’ by James Trimarco. Escape Pod always publishes great science fiction audio, but ‘How Lonesome a Life…’ is a standout, even so. It’s the story of an artificially intelligent battle-helmet, testifying for its life, in front of a judge of the Earth Imperial court system. It unravells the story of how it started in the forces, as the headgear of a soldier sent to quell a Martian agrarian rebellion, and as the story unspools, Trimarco sketches out an often comic, always intriguing tale of AI in war. Frank Key, of the Hooting Yard podcast, gives it a dry, sardonic reading that fits perfectly.”