Ridley Scott & Rutger HauerA lot of people have emailed me about the recent Blade Runner news.  If you haven’t heard, Ridley Scott has signed on to do a prequel or sequel of the seminal film.  Many of you know that’s my favorite film, and I’ve seen it over a hundred times.

People also want to know what I think about this.  The short answer.  I don’t think it sucks.  I’m actually quite excited.  I’ll admit, when I first heard about Purefold several years back, how it was to be used as a vehicle for advertising, I cringed and wrote my feelings about it here.  When, a few months ago, I’d heard Alcon Entertainment acquired the rights to the Blade Runner franchise and would make a new film, I rolled my eyes.  We all know how Hollywood can take a brilliant concept and add so many cooks that the end result is pablum.  I was skeptical, to say the least.

But then I heard Ridley Scott is coming on board.  All over Facebook today, people are red with rage and skepticism.  But despite my doubts about Hollywood, I still believe good films can be made.  And let’s face it, Ridley is a great director.  I like to believe he understands the huge reverence fans have for his film, that he would treat any sequel with the same reverence.  And let’s remember, it’s his film.  We all know that Hampton Francher’s & David People’s script was brilliant, but it wouldn’t have been the immersive and haunting Blade Runner film we love without Ridley, who threw himself fully into the production of the film to escape the pain from the death of his brother.  Of course, we don’t wish any such pain on Ridley again.  But if anyone can make this prequel/sequel a good film, it will be him.

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