SF Site Praises Sybil’s Garage No. 7

Over at SF Site, Seamus Sweeny has a lot of nice things to say about Sybil’s Garage No. 7.  He says, “Sybil’s Garage achieves a satisfyingly universal appeal, and an extremely high degree of literary quality… it is pretty wonderful stuff — beautifully produced, and never dull. The stories are a mix of slipstream, near-future, horror, comedy horror, mythic and pseudo-mythic — eschewing anything as vulgar or misleading as a neat straightjacket of genre.”

Also, and as far as I know this is unique for reviews of the issue, they mention the poetry.  “The poems are of a high standard, and are consistently strongly-worked and compelling. Standouts include Sonya Taaffe’s ‘Candle for the Tetragrammaton,’ Jacqueline West’s ‘One October Night in Baltimore,’ and Adrienne J. Odasso’s ‘The Hyacinth Girl,’ and Marcie Lynn Tentchoff’s ‘Pathways Marked in Silver.’ West and Odasso invoke literary history, specifically the shades of Poe and Eliot. Tentchoff’s is a neat meditation on paths taken and not taken, and for my money here the recommended music (Dory Previn’s ‘Mystical Kings and Iguanas’) matches the mood and theme of the piece most naturally.”

You can read the full review here.