Sybil’s Garage Monday Update

Here are the Sybil’s Garage submission statistics as of this morning:

We have received 448 stories, 74 poems
We have rejected 320 stories, 42 poems
Average response time: 16 days for stories, 23 days for poems

There are 16 stories under consideration (none accepted yet), and I have accepted 5 poems.

A note about the submissions tracker and your position in the queue:

Stories come into the editors in a round-robin fashion.  We have seven total readers, including myself, and we all receive an equal number of stories.  Since each of us read on differing schedules, one editor may read her story, which might be in position number 5, before I read my story in position 1.  In general, though, the queue position will give you a rough estimate as to when your story will be read.  If the editors like a story, they will forward it to me for further review.  If I like the story, I contact the author to hold it for further consideration.  When the submission period closes, the editors will read and supply their comments on all the held stories.  Afterward, I’ll make my final selection based on their comments and my own editorial inclinations.  I will attempt to read and respond to all stories by May 1st (We close to submissions on April 12th).

All poems come to me, however, and any latency in the response times is entirely my fault.

And a happy Passover to all.  May you be free of the bonds that bind you, whether self inflicted or externally imposed.  Unless you’re kinky and into that kind of thing, in which case happy bondage.