Updates & Such January 19, 2010 – Posted in: Altered Fluid, KGB Readings, Sybil's Garage

What a great inspiration for a short story: a mysterious visitor who leaves roses and a bottle of cognac at Poe’s grave every year on the author’s birthday failed to show up today.  It could be because there were, you know, dozens of people watching.  But if the mysterious visitor has been doing this for sixty years, maybe he died — or did something more sinister happen?

And Sybil’s!  We opened on Friday to submissions and have already received about 100.  And, wow, some excellent stories already.  Were you guys saving them for us?  We are flattered.

Altered Fluid appeared on Hour of the Wolf on Saturday, where Paul Berger read a new story which we critiqued.  Listen to it here.

Tomorrow at Fantastic Fiction at KGB, authors David Anthony Durham and Lev Grossman read.  Should be a fun night.