World Fantasy Day 1

Arrived at the con in one piece and mostly sane.  I haven’t seen much of San Jose yet, but the city is so environmentally friendly that they have free buses from the train station.  Thankfully my package with Paper Cities and Sybil’s Garage successfully arrived, and Sean Wallace gratefully let me sell them at the Prime Books table.

Some of my personal highlights so far:

  • Discussing consciousness and Kurt Godel with Ted Chiang.
  • Meeting Terry Bisson for the first time in person.  Terry is the co-founder of KGB along with Alice Turner.  He also used to teach the New School class on science fiction & fantasy writing that introduced me in a roundabout way to my current writers group.  I am also a huge fan of his fiction.
  • Seeing only one person cheer in a room of several hundred when the Yankees scored in the World Series Game being played on a giant screen.  It has nothing to do with the fact that we are on the West Coast and 100% to do with the fact that we are at a con.

Up before dawn again.  San Jose is slowly brightening behind me.  Apparently, there are plans to swim today.