Wicked Plants at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

IMG_2081Okay, admittedly there are few photos of wicked plants in these shots, but I did go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on Sunday and came home with a rash on my neck presumably from brushing against something mildly poisonous.  Marked with plaques all over the large gardens were so called “wicked plants,” plants that are poisonous, hallucinogenic, or highly addictive.  In the greenhouse they had a very large jimson weed plant, which is also known as datura, which, for some strange reason, has been used as a recreational drug.  However, the Erowid vault warns, “the overwhelming majority of those who describe to us their use of Datura (and to a lesser extent, Belladonna, Brugmansia and Brunfelsia) find their experiences extremely mentally and physically unpleasant and not infrequently physically dangerous.”  What better reason to try smoking something?

Here are some photos I took of the day.