ClownsvilleWent to see a children’s play called Clownsville last night in Tribeca.  About an office drone who falls asleep and wakes up in an Oz-like realm called, yep, Clownsville.  Ostensibly about pencil-pusher Thomas who’s forgotten his childhood dreams, it also taught the Law of Attraction in Sesame Street-like edu-musicals, i.e. what you send out is what you get back, as you sow, so shall you reap, etc., illustrated by singing call and response with the audience.  I first thought I had walked in on Romper Room, but the music got to me, and the kids, damn they could sing, and they could act too, and well I walked in there with a frown and, yeah, it turned upside down.

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  1. Thanks So Much for the Wonderful Review!!!!! It was so fun doing the show, I’m glad you had fun watching it.


    Matthew Mackey (Wah Wah)

  2. Carlos Heredia is a talented musical writer and more is to come from him in the future if Clownsville represents his genius!

    Congrats Carlos. You are passionate about your work and it showed on stage this week.

  3. Interesting premise, nice choreography and a very hard working and talented group. I especially loved your simply clown and the baby, he had a great voice and she had a terrific stage presence and comic flar. Some A/c would be nice-cannot have it all

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