KGB Bookseller Needed

As those who attend Fantastic Fiction know, Mobile Libris, an independent bookseller, sells the readers’ books at every event. (They are the quiet folks on the stools by the back of the bar). Because of financial reasons, they can no longer afford to send an employee to KGB Fantastic Fiction. So we are looking for a volunteer to sell books for them. In their words:

“If you’d like to continue having books sold at your series, the procedure will be the same but for one thing: starting in September, we’re asking each organizer to find a volunteer to sell books at the event. Your volunteer will come to Mobile Libris’ office on 6th and 28th in Manhattan and be trained like a regular bookseller (obviously it would be optimal to have one person who could commit to be at each meeting of your series); s/he will pick up books and drop them off at our office just as our booksellers do; and as an incentive, s/he will be able to purchase any book available to us, anytime, at a 40% discount.”

Does this sound like something you’d want to do? You’d be providing a valuable service to the spec fic community and you might even get to meet some cool people too.

Interested persons please email: info (at) kgbfantasticfiction (dot) org

Please feel free to forward.

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