The Fix Reviews Sybil’s Garage

Dan Alamia from The Fix has reviewed Sybil’s Garage.  Before a detailed review of each story, he says:

‘Issue six of Sybil’s Garage from Senses Five Press is fun. Few journals and magazines I’ve read could be described with the “F” word, and probably fewer still aspire to it at all. Liberally illustrated, this issue is crowded with 16 works of fiction, an interview with Paul Tremblay, and 13 poems. Not only that, there is a kind of meta-story woven through the pages in the form of a mysterious series of notes from a time traveler. Yet another feature of the issue is a note preceding each piece on what song (or even collection of sounds) should accompany the reading. Combine that with more bells and whistles in the design, and you have an issue eager to please. Reading it is like wandering into a house party where you not only mingle with the guests, you peruse the décor and absorb the mix of tunes emanating from the stereo.’

You can read the full review here.