Morning in Montreal

We drove up to Montreal yesterday from New York City in near record time.  If it wasn’t for the little old waitress at the Betty Beaver Truck Stop (yes, real name) and a delay on the bridge over to the city, we would have arrived in about six hours.  Considering some of my friends took a flight from NY and it took them almost the same amount of time*, I think that’s pretty damn good.

Worldcon is great so far.  We went to the Tor party last night.  There were lots of familiar faces but also lots of new ones too.  It was nice to see people from Australia, England, Holland, and various other countries you don’t normally see at the Northeast cons I frequent.  It’s too early to remember many names, but I did have a nice chat with Colin Harvey about American versus British science fiction television.  The verdict: America has crap presently.  Also, Neil Gaiman showed up to the party, and at first he was just one of the many bodies in the sweaty and cramped suite.  But soon some critical mass was reached and everyone started swooning from the Neil-flu.  Several people followed him into the bathroom.  The door closed.  Soon I received a text from my friend: “I’m in the bathroom with him now.”

Strange night.

I also was shown the amazing indoor/underground city of Montreal.  Tunnels connect the buildings in a labyrinthine weave, each corridor a unique work of art, opening into giant underground malls that were devoid of people and yet open to the public late at night.  I used to have dreams like this.  I was in Montreal when I was very young.  Perhaps they weren’t dreams but memories.

* their first flight was canceled due to lack of passengers.