Interstitial Arts Foundation Reviews Sybil’s Garage

Sybils Garage No.6
Sybil's Garage No.6

The IAF (Interstitial Arts Foundation) has reviewed Sybil’s Garage.  They say:

“This is the most interstitial volume of the innovative magazine to date.  From the composite front photograph of a scarecrow emerging from a New York subway station (the G line) into a lonely pumpkin field to Susannah Mandel’s surreal page entitled “Metamorphic Megafauna” (which so defies description, it doesn’t even appear in the Table of Contents*), this issue ranges widely through genres and your brain. ”

You can read the full review here.

* Susannah’s poem does actually appear in the ToC, but we’ll forgive them this minor oversight.  😉

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