APC Stupidity

I just sent this letter off to the USPS people via their website:


I hope you are well.  I am a frequent user of your APC (Automated Postage Center) and I am wondering why, when I buy custom postage, there is a five stamp limit?  For example, I frequently mail items which cost $2.24 each.  I come to the post office with approximately twenty items to mail.  The APC machine will only let me buy $2.24 value stamps in batches of five at a time.  Why can’t I buy more, say twenty or even fifty at a time?  Because of this limitation, I must spend an extra ten minutes purchasing stamps, going through the process another three or four times to get everything I need.  This seems remarkably inefficient, especially considering the long lines so often seen at the post office.  People who use the APC often know exactly what they want and how they need to mail their items.  Why limit what they can do and create more lines and more frustration?  I sincerely hope you consider forwarding this email to the makers of your APC software and that they might consider my suggestions for change.

Matthew Kressel”