Photos from KGB

Stewart O’Nan
Paul Tremblay

Last night we were entertained by two very talented authors. Paul Tremblay read from his The Little Sleep about a narcoleptic private Dick, and Stewart O’Nan read from his Songs for the Missing. Both excerpts, it was interesting to discover, were not speculative in any way that I could see, but the audience did not seem to mind one bit (note the “fantastic” in Fantastic Fiction) which, as one blogger aptly noted this morning, is what Alice Turner meant when, in creating the series, she attempted to bring together mainstream writers with writers of speculative fiction in order to show, “that at a certain level they were plowing exactly the same field.” So, kudos to them for chipping away at that invisible wall.

I saw lots of new faces in the crowd, which is always nice to see. Ellen Datlow could not attend as she was traveling. I also realized that yesterday marked my one year anniversary of my co-hosting KGB. One year ago last March I was asked to guest-host the series when then-hosts Ellen and Gavin could not attend. Interesting synchronicity in that one year later, I am again doing it solo. The following month I took over for Gavin permanently. Anyway, many thanks to Ellen and all the guests and attendees for making it a great year.

The photos from last night’s event can be seen here.