Sybil’s Garage Response Time(s)

Due to a surge in submissions these past few days (and the Thanksgiving holiday) our response times for Sybil’s Garage submissions have slowed.  When you submit a story, you should receive a confirmation email with a URL.  If you click on that link and the story is listed as “in progress,” then you can be assured that we will eventually read the story.  Also, we are closing to submissions on November 30th, but that does not mean we will have made all decisions by that date.  Stories sent on November 30th may not receive a response until December 30th (30 days), though we do expect to respond to all authors long before then.

With regard to poems, my oldest poem that I have not responded too is from October 30th, so if you sent your poem before then it might not have been received.  In that case, feel free to query.  Otherwise, chances are that it’s in my queue and I haven’t gotten to it yet.