Sybil’s Garage 6 Slush Update October 22, 2008 – Posted in: Sybil's Garage

The stats so far:

202 stories received
128 stories rejected
11 days average response time (not bad, eh?)

~75 poems received
zero rejected
Infinity days average response time

Of the fiction slush:
So far I’ve been incredibly impressed by the quality of the slush that’s been forwarded to me.  It’s going to be hard to select the stories from among this group, as many are really good and there’s limited space.  I can already tell this is going to be a great issue.  I have no caveat scriptor other than: if you are going to write about an oft used set/setting/theme in SF, please try to add something new to it.  We see a lot of stories that repeat stuff we’ve seen many times before.

Of the poetry slush:
This reader is ashamed to say he has not read any poetry yet.  Just super swamped with projects & things.  But, he promises to respond to many of you by this weekend at the latest for those submissions already over 30 days.  He apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause (and writes in third person to hide from his guilty feelings).

Alas, that is all.