Green Man Review on SYBIL’S GARAGE

Elizabeth Vail of Green Man Review recently reviewed Sybil’s Garage No. 5.

“In this fifth issue of Sybil’s Garage, the bi-annual fiction and poetry anthology published by Senses Five Press, magic, consumerism, dead rock stars, and the just plain weird come together in an uneven but mostly well-written hodgepodge of fantasy fiction.”

Well, you can’t please all the folk, all the time.  Of particular note is the sentence:

“Each story is also peppered with illustrations that resemble nineteenth-century clip-art – since none of the stories takes place in nineteenth-century Britain, these images, which only very superficially reflect the events of the narratives, come across as twee and distracting.”

Not everyone has to like the 19th-century art, but without it, Sybil’s Garage is Not Sybil’s Garage, ya know?  That’s what makes us unique.  Anywho…

Here’s a link to the full review.

4 Replies to “Green Man Review on SYBIL’S GARAGE”

  1. The art is one of things I adore about SG. I love how you manage to find things perfectly appropriate to the story. I mean — the ‘zine’s called Sybil’s Garage. It’s all about the startling-yet-appropriate juxtaposition!

  2. The turnaround time for reviews is usually four months, but since Sybil’s doesn’t print ARCs, the reviews often come out long after the issue has been available. But, yes, attention is grand!

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